Welcome to HackingThursday

Hi folks! I am glad to inform you that H4 and TOSSUG will be union in COSCUP 2017, and that we will host "H4 & TOSSUG Community Room".
Formed all-panel and named Workflows and Workflaws in Hacking, H4 & TOSSUG Community Room offers attandees dense exchange experiences to align OPEN, SHARE, DECENTRALIZED and FLOSS values that H4 and TOSSUG believe.
And now, we are calling for proposal from all of you!
Workflaws in Hacking is that, attandees are gathered to examine root cause hidden in existing solutions for certain problems.
If you are struggling naming your topic, please refer to the template that we offer: "To solve [], we can only apply [] ?"
Workflows in Hacking: Attandees are gathered to share workflows on their daily basis.
If you are struggling naming your topic, please refer to the template that we offer: "[] has a nice day", (_er, _or, ..)
With our best regards, we sincerely invite all of you to shoot flaws and to share flows with us in COSCUP 2017!
Please email your proposal to mailto:flaing12@gmail.com or share on our facebook group / telegram channel.


地址:台北市中正區臨沂街 1 號
時間:7:30pm ~ 10:00pm

Restaurant : 田中園 (Tian Jung Yuan)
Venue : No. 1, Linyi St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
(MRT JungXiao Xingshen Station Exit 1)
Time : 7:30pm ~ 10:00pm

詳細資訊請參見 => 聚會通告



Found for peer learning in engineering and business for hackers, Hacking Thursday, abbreviated H4, is a non-profit organization that hosts on every Thursday, and that only raise fund from co-organizers and attendees.

Hacking Thursday 是由幾位居住於台北地區的自由軟體/開放原碼開發者所發起,每週四晚上會於特定咖啡店聚會。以非會議形式、交換並實做各自提出的想法,輕鬆的會議過程以禮貌、謙遜與尊重的互信態度接納並鼓勵概念發想、發起新計畫、並從開發者的協同開發與經驗分享中互相學習。

1. 討論 web, network, programming, system, blablah….
2. 交流系統工具 & 使用技巧
3. 八卦

聚會與會者都是聽眾,但同時也可能是 lighting talk 講者。


除了實體聚會外,我們使用 Google group / Facebook group 做為大家的溝通聯絡管道。聊天,討論,及聚會通告都會在這裡發佈。如果您對我們的聚會有興趣,隨時都歡迎您加入/訂閱我們的討論區,和我們交流!!

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